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mine is seed of skills, healer and supplicant.
Doesn't really matter what PO DLCs you get, you will out grow them in an hour or two. The 3 seeds basically gives you just 1 skill to start with. Each char has a skill tree with many many nodes, the lowest costs 3 skill points. You get 1 skill point every time you level up, or consume 1 skill seed. The vest gives you like 10% additional XP or G, up to a certain max. After a short time, any enemy you kill gives you much more than that max, thus it becomes useless. I think the healer etc are some late game materials used in crafting.

btw, it's reported that on the PS4 Pro, people are getting motion sickness due to motion blur in the game (something to do with bad checkerboarding implementation). Regular PS4 is ok though.
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