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There should be a sticky post that say don't buy any TV box that offer free streams.

Don't be so dumb to fall for sellers that manually install apps you can download from the internet yourself for free.

Especially all those not legal streaming apps. I literally googled the name of the app one of the promoter using and downloaded the APK on my phone. Lo and behold it works just like the TV box demo.

Unless you are too stupid to install apps on a android phone /TV box then go ahead and get robbed by buying those TV boxes.

Ps my 5 year old cousin got a $40 TV box and he himself downloadand installed the same apps those scummy salesman are using. If he can do it so can you.

Also if all you do with your TV box is to watch video streams, don't spend over $50 for one.
If you are a hardcore video geek that watches h.265 4K hdr 10bit 7.1 DTS surround sound blue ray rips then get a more expensive TV box i.e the Nvidia shield.
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