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And fact that you declared yourself AH LONG, based on your email and IP address, we can lodge police report and track you down. Yes, rubbish people with brains. Not like you, stupid and get no money back.

Come la. Scold me whatever you want. I have zero respect for Bloodsuckers like you Chao Ah Long. Chao Ah Gua who hides behind a phone keypad. Come out face to face talk lah. If not, don’t come here talk cock and act until you sibey eh sai! Pui!!

I'm an AL... After reading a few pages i realize there is so many rubbish people... We only do loans to people with stable income.. Maybe sometimes depending on the situation. Yes, we have high interest and normally our loans are weekly loan. But so what.. When we offered you the package and you took it, of course you have to pay us back the money to which we agreed on... Why dont loan from friend or borrow from friend or family... Scared xia suay?? LML dont lend you sure got problem already.. So we are your last line of help..

Need more time to pay?? Just let us know earlier la... Same in this line of business. Not all of us are out to scam people and cheat their money.. we do this for living. of course we need to have long term customer to support us.. Why we want to sabo ppl..

What i see is the one who is taking the loan is the actual scammer. Say will pay up, in the end not even a single payment and just MIA... For e.g take 1k, pay 200. then say no money pay, block and report police... If cannot pay, why agree to take the loan.. We are at the larger risk in the start.. We TRUST you to pay us back the money with interest.. But then you didn't.. You betrayed the trust and then blame us for harrassing you?
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