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Rubbish people? At least not stupid like you idiots who resorted to threats and harassments and in the end canít get money back. Canít even show your face in daylight. Only send runners up to do your dirty jobs.

People no money, how to pay with that ridiculous interest by you bloodsuckers? I have witnessed how my buddy paid more than 10k to you kind of idiot and still asking for more. And with all the harassments, you think people will pay after you splashed? Mai kam lam lah. You work this trade and donít know how it works?? Once secret out, no need care xia xuay or whatever shÔt, once splash, forget getting money back. Understand? Goondu.

People no money.. Why accept the loan in the first place knowing they can't pay? End up the capital money also nvr pay and act blur say nvr take loan.. Then you ask your buddy. Why he took the loan in the first place? The AL force bank in the money to him? Held him up at knife point ask him to take the loan?
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