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Have questions on Delonghi 680

1. Does it matter if I use a larger double basket with 7g instead of single basket of 7g.

2. I use double basket of 7g and press the 2 cup button. Diluted coffee? Or I should add another 7g to be double shot
some guidelines

the weight of the grinds used should be about 1/2 the weight of your beverage.

e.g. 7g of coffee grinds will make you 14 grams of espresso

brew time generally should be 30 secs.

These recipes are good starting points. Adjustments are made after to achieve the taste profile you want.

what happens if you use a large basket with a dose lower than intended? usually your flow will be too fast. So you need to grind finer.
Why? There is too much head space between the top of the puck and shower screen allowing for the puck to expand more and causing the puck to lose its capacity to act as a "valve" (especially if you preinfuse at low pressures). secondly, most double baskets have more holes than a single basket.

If course this is with non-pressurised portafilters. The effect may be different with your pressurised portafilter.

Mind doing a comparison and letting us know the taste results? would be interesting to see how a pressurised portafilter behaves to still handle the low dose on a double basket.

yes 7 g on a double shot volume likley would be diluted coffee.

best tool for beginners? A weighing scale accurate to 0.1g to measure your coffee dose and your brew weight.
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