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I have been using my beautiful surface pro 3 but the intel graphics cannot tahan 3d modeling software and photoshop cc also running very slow on it until i cannot take it
3d modelling is heavy on CPU+ ram, GPU pretty much not touched.

So focus im guessing is on CPU+ram+portability(since u say u use surface pro). Also guessing you'd prefer touchscreen. So dont bother buying gaming laptop since you dont game heavy. Waste money. Gaming laptops also damn bloody heavy unless you gon splash ALOT of cash on the thin-and-light gaming laptops.

Can check out the Dell XPS 2 in 1. Or any other ultra book.

Keep in mind if u want best performance need min. 16gb ram, best case 32 gb ram for 3D modelling. H-class CPU obv best la, but the 8th gen U processors in ultrabooks nubbad also.

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