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Actually, TS may still be able to make it to own one before turning 30. He still has 4+ years to go, just that he needs to save/invest more aggressively.

We do not know his career/salary progression, and have little info on how he is going to save, whether 100%, 75% or lower, and what other commitments he might have that would affect the monthly savings contribution.

Therefore, we can only assume. Taking $4,500 as the average income ($3,600 after CPF deduction) and adding on AWS, with a monthly expense of $900 (75% goes to savings) over 4.5 years, he could have saved close to $150k in cash, and $92k in CPF.

Adding up to what he has now, that might still work, provided property prices do not rise out of proportion by then.

I still have the same question from the start though. Does he just want to own by 30, or move in by 30? That would very much determine whether he should go for new or resale...

Next would be the max amount he can afford by then, taking into consideration of the max loan he could obtain.

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