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It will never be enough . I am in stage 4 . Been less hardworking lately . Spend more time with my 2 kids and my wife .

Just passed my 32th bday

My target was to reach 1mill networth by 40 years old

I made this target 10 year ago

By 26yo I was at 200k
I just managed to break 600k this month

Most likely I won't be able to reach 1 mil by age 40 . But I am pretty sure I should be somewhere near there

Relax and spend sometime doing things u have never tried before . Who knows , u could increase your networth faster than you could have thought
Wow 2 kids at 32, you already seem to be on a very fast track.

So your 40 is actually somebody else's 50. You are 10 years ahead in everything

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