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Any reason you're suggesting to use Unionpay credit card?

Have wechat but hardly use that, most friends and contacts are on whatsapp

I have been using samsung pay for a while now...i have credit cards set up there and also GPay.

I think it has become a habit now, I don't have to go through the hassle of looking into my handbag to dig out my wallet to get my card. I use credit for everything here in Singapore... but overseas use there's the exchange rate misc charge etc

I thought for travelling using mobile payment RMB for street food and small price items is very convenient, not having to show any money figuring out which is what how much?!?!
UP is the only cashless alternative to Wechat Pay or AliPay, which most of us in Singapore have no access to unless we have a China-based bank account and mobile number. UP is widely accepted in major cities. It saved me the trouble of withdrawing cash from the ATM (not all of them are on the Plus or Cirrus network).
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