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Oh and Go Select that cost $9.90 per month for 6 months. I guess that $199 wasn't that expensive (correct me if I'm not).
If you work out the costing on the Packs > Starhub Go Packs

Part of the package includes;
1) Go Family (TV Channels) $14.90 x 6 = $89.40
2) Go Select Packs on $9.90 x 6 = $59.40
Total 89.40 + 59.40 = $148.80

Full Package = 199 - 148.80 = $50.20 for the Starhub Go Streaming box.

For the Go Select Packs $9.90 you have a choice on Sports or TV series.

The TV series do include TVB dramas, K-dramas, HBO Originals and more as available in the Starhub Go channels.

Beside there is movies channels in CATCHPLAY Unlimited or per movie.

It is more on the marketing the promotion on Go Family & Select packs in the bundle as well as Starhub Go product.
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