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Hi experts,

Been wondering about this question as smart phone cameras are getting more and more sophiscated. Is there a need for point and shoot camera?

Any recommendations on point and shoot camera that trumps smart phone cameras easily?

Thank you
The question of "is there a need for xxxx" will depend always on what do you intend to do with the "xxxx" and also "do you know how to use the xxxx"

Otherwise even if ppl give u a full frame DSLR, and all you do with it is shoot in auto mode for the sake of sharing on instagram, then its also no use explaining to you the superiority of a proper camera vs smartphone cos you'd not have demonstrated the skill to use a DSLR

If say you are a casual photographer, the only real thing that point and shoot will offer as an advantage is Optical Zoom. Sure the image quality will be better but you won't care because you're casual and smartphones these days are 'good enough' for that tier. Actually do you even need the optical zoom? How many situations you encounter regularly where you can't just walk nearer to the subject?

Maybe the real question is, in what way have modern smartphones failed to satisfy your expectations until you are willing to carry around a second device (point and shoot) just for the sake to take photos?? If you cannot answer this question then the simple answer is you should just stick to smartphones. Otherwise you kind of waste money even if you buy a dedicated camera.

Thank you all!!

Currently looking at micro four thirds camera.
Read it performs about the same as DSLR but lighter.

Loooking at ...
Olympus omd m5 ii
Olympud omd m10 iii

Also looking at the pen series.

Like not much difference.

Any experts have advice and recommendation?

Thats is not a point and shoot that is a mirrorless. It's higher up the food chain compared to the compact point and shoot

Very simple, if you want to shoot a portrait mode shot of a person would you rather:

- just use your phone and portrait mode on the subject


- get a mirrorless camera which cost as much as a iphone

- buy a fast prime lens which cost as much as a xiaomi phone, maybe even a tripod

- carry the damn thing around (with its lenses and accessories) in a dedicated bag, just to shoot that portrait mode photo

A professional or enthusiast would look at the 2nd option and not even be the least bothered about the costs and inconveniences, because to them the image quality outweighs the need for 'convenience'. So it really depends on what you seek to achieve.

Remember that the mass market values convenience over quality. In using a smartphone rather than point and shoot, you sacrifice 'some' quality, but you gain a ton of convenience in return. Even professionals dont carry their big DSLR around all the time and are more than happy to 'downgrade' to a smartphone to take casual photos.

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