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Oh and Go Select that cost $9.90 per month for 6 months. I guess that $199 wasn't that expensive (correct me if I'm not).
If you work out the costing on the Packs > Starhub Go Packs

Part of the package includes;
1) Go Family (TV Channels) $14.90 x 6 = $89.40
2) Go Select Packs on $9.90 x 6 = $59.40
Total 89.40 + 59.40 = $148.80

Full Package = 199 - 148.80 = $50.20 for the Starhub Go Streaming box.

For the Go Select Packs $9.90 you have a choice on Sports or TV series.

The TV series do include TVB dramas, K-dramas, HBO Originals and more as available in the Starhub Go channels.

Beside there is movies channels in CATCHPLAY Unlimited or per movie.

It is more on the marketing the promotion on Go Family & Select packs in the bundle as well as Starhub Go product.
The photo below says it all:

Of course, your calculations are correct.

If you factor in price for the 6mths Go Family + 6mths Go Select subscription cost...
-- the new Starhub Android TV box's effective cost at $50.20 is not expensive at all.

Plus this new Starhub Android TV box supports Chromecast as well.

In fact, at the effective cost of $50.20 -- this Starhub Android TV box is one of the CHEAPEST Android TV box that includes built-in Chromecast !!

Even the Xiaomi TV box (International Edition) MDZ-16-AB -- that also includes built-in Chromecast -- cost MORE than $50.20 (about $70+).

Android TV boxes has been around for years already.

Those who have years of experience using Android TV box -- knows that the TV box itself is secondary -- it's the apps you have installed on the Android TV box that actually shows the content.

There is no such thing as one single Android TV app that can let you watch all the shows in the world.

If you watch many different types of shows -- then of course it goes without saying -- you (likely) need to install & use multiple different Android TV apps.

For the set/collection of apps you use -- it can be paid apps or FREE apps -- or a mixture of both paid & FREE apps.

Also, you can install the app(s) you use on ANY Android device (any Android phone/tablet/TV box etc.) -- as long as the app works properly -- you can watch contents from the app(s) on ANY Android device.

For years...Sinkies complain that:
* Buy empty Android TV box -- but don't know where to get apps & don't know which app to watch certain shows.
* If buy expensive Android TV box with apps installed by vendor, (but vendor) apps installed don't last/can't work after some time.
* If own self install apps -- (but) most apps are from overseas source -- not sure if overseas apps are legal or not, or got geoblock problems.
* If pay to subscribe & watch contents using apps from overseas -- don't know whether the overseas source/vendor/seller will close down after taking your money.

Now essentially ALL the above complains are "solved" -- by getting this new Starhub Android TV box...

* You have an (effectively only $50.20 inexpensive) Android TV box that comes from a LOCAL reputatable source (Starhub).
* With app already installed (Starhub Go) showing legal contents.
* Will never have geoblock issues for accessing contents from Starhub Go since Starhub Go is meant for local (SG) use.
* Plus, as long as Starhub does not close down (unlikely) -- your the Starhub Go subscription will always be valid.

But surprising... Sinkies still NOT HAPPY...

There are multiple other threads where people gives (all sorts of) negative comments about the new Starhub Android TV box.
(some of the comments -- in those other threads -- are about Starhub's shares & have actually nothing to do with the new Starhub Android TV box itself.)

See threads:

Sinkies are (really) hard to please...

IMHO, as far as the new Starhub Android TV box is concerned...

It is a reasonable offer -- especially for those who do watch the contents available on Starhub Go Family or Go Select packs.

It is simply just another choice available on the market.

Plus it supports Chromecast -- so you can cast any contents you watch on your phone/tablet to the Starhub TV box -- as long as the app you use supports Chromecasting

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