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I see......

The officer told me if I drop the $9.90 'Go Select' then I cannot watch with devices on the go, only can watch with the TV box.

I just don't understand that portion.

This could means that the Go Family pack is locked in to Starhub Go Streaming box, permanently.

1. StarHub Go Streaming Box is an Android TV streaming box > StarHub Go Streaming Box FAQ - point 4

2. Includes over 50 Live TV and Catch-up channels from Go Family as stated below Get just the StarHub Go Streaming Box. > StarHub Go Streaming Box

These 2 points indicated as those 50 Live TV and Catch-up channels are already inside this BOX pre-installed and available.

While there may have other related Apps pre-installed and available.

Therefore Go Family can only be watch using this Streaming box and not on any other devices as like Starhub Go Select packs.

This is what i interpret.

Whereas the free Go Select is an voucher option valid for 6 months to use with Hub ID.
And able to watch on other devices with Starhub Go App or website.

I had this voucher last year when i recontract on mobile line.
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