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It depends - sometimes 2 wks, sometimes 1 mth. But they will keep switching numbers to call you - Probably also to see if you are still holding on to that number so that they can "pester" for UML business.
My advice : Change number - then you will have peace of mind.

But if never change also can - just block them - if you know what numbers they use.
Before u take up any loan with them - they will sound either very nice, very helpful very understanding and sometimes very professional - but once u makan their bait and kena hooked - all of them start to chut pattern.

So never, take the risk of taking up loans with them - once they have your information - they will try to suck you dry of your income without any intention of settling the loan.

then again - if u steady and dun bother their harrassment and that u intend to run- take their money then mia loh -- i believe got some of the guys in here did just that.. Lolz!
ha as long as have peace of can liao.yup will do what you suggest.just only afraid that they harassed my work place.
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