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You have a point.

In other words, people who doesn't buy the Starhub Box will never be able to subscribe to Go Family pack?

The $9.90 Starhub Go pack doesn't contain as much content but it allows watching on different devices. Think maybe that's what the officer is trying to tell me.

I called Starhub and not surprisingly, there is another set of answer.

1) Go Select pack contains movies, doesn't overlap Go Family pack.
2) I can continue to watch on my mobile devices even if I drop Go Select pack.
Basically Starhub Go Streaming Box (GSB) is Android TV box as similar to Set Top Box (STB) and may include certain features pre-installed or locked in.

When you turn on this GSB the serial number is your account number registered in Starhub Go server to confirm your subscription on channels.

The Go Family channels are available via your account subscription detail in Starhub Go server to provide you all available channels.

Likewise STB are linked to Starhub TV service server to provide all available channels according to your account locked in maybe via STB serial number;
And will screen your subscribed channels and those non-subscribe channels are available to purchase/subscribe.

So currently these over 50 Live TV and Catch-up channels are only available in Starhub Go server hence as starting point.

When you turn on via remote, as similar to STB remote, the GSB will show you all those over 50 Live TV and Catch-up channels for you to watch if your subscription is valid.

In conclusion your account is in Starhub Go server to provide you the necessary channels as per your account subscription if valid.

The definition on this GSB on channels available at the instant upon turn on, not via Starhub Go App, is stated in Starhub Go Streaming Box FAQ - point 1.
StarHub Go Streaming Box is designed to provide you with access to a wide variety of content at the comfort of your home, watching on your TV set. Whether you want to watch critically acclaimed HBO Originals, latest Asian dramas and variety shows, World News or LIVE sports action, we got it all covered! Plus, much more!

Next part regarding to Starhub Go Select pack.

This GSB do included &or pre-installed some Apps such as Starhub Go App, Fox+, YouTube and Spotify as stated under Apps you’ll love in Starhub Go website

So when you have this Go Select voucher you redeem via Starhub Go App in other devices.
Also may able to redeem via this GSB which if your account already exist or not.

Final note in regarding to "another set of answer" option.

As long as you do not turn on this GSB you may use other device to login to Starhub Go App or website to watch including this Go Family channels beside Select pack redeemed/subscribed.

Refer to FAQ on points 9 & 10 on the number of devices and per Hub ID account.

As stated in FAQ point 8;
No. The StarHub Go Streaming Box and StarHub TV are 2 different service offerings with different subscription packages.
This could means that there are different servers to serve each Starhub Go and TV services.

This is what i interpret.
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