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I called Starhub and not surprisingly, there is another set of answer.

1) Go Select pack contains movies, doesn't overlap Go Family pack.
2) I can continue to watch on my mobile devices even if I drop Go Select pack.

I took the chance to ask about APNs and officers can't provide an answer at all.
Starhub Go for Starhub mobile customers to switch to "shwap" in order to enjoy free data streaming.

However, the default is always "internet" APN. When I asked the officer why bother to have 3 different APNs. he couldn't answer and just said "shwap" APN provides all the access needed.

When I asked why bother to have "internet" (default) and "shwapint" APN, the officer couldn't answer me at all.

In this case, most customers will be charged data while they happily think they wouldn't while streaming on Starhub Go.
These APN settings serve different needs and groups on mobile devices.

Type: Name --- APN
1. SH Internet ---- shinternet
2. SH Data Postpaid ---- shwap
3. SH Data Prepaid ---- shppd

Hence for all postpaid mobile user should use Type 2.

Prepaid mobile user by default is Type 3 but may able to use Type 2.

As for Type 1 usage it is the 2nd APN prior to Type 2 and there was an earliest or 1st APN which no longer exist.

The definition on between Type 1 and 2 are that;
Type 1 is outside Starhub protocol or control.
Type 2 is within Starhub like something intranet.

Hence Type 2 serve Starhub Go App which is delivery within Starhub based.
Also you can download SPH Apps such as SPH Radio or news and streaming without using your data usage as similar to Starhub Go App.
But do take note that if there is any advertisement which will be outside Starhub as this data will be chargeable.. meaning do not click on any advert.

Not all Starhub CSO are familiar with these as it may be outside their scope.

So ensure you are on the correct APN settings if you are using Starhub postpaid mobile to surf on those Apps with free data usage.

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