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Mine's defaulted to 'internet' APN (not 'shinternet'). It's lucky I know what's APN and how to switch it. Can you imagine loads of people out there that defaults to 'internet' instead of 'shwap' when they get a new phone.

Most folks will be charged data not knowingly. I just don't understand why 'shwap' is not the default since the other 2 seems useless anyway.

The Go Select pack doesn't just contain Sports; The CSOs are just simply guessing as well.

Is your SIM card old as in maybe a decade ago not replaced ever since.
The phone read the SIM card when inserted it by default.

All mine are new &or replacement when recontract hence no issue when phone read by default every time.

There was 1 complaint in their forum on being charged on APN internet.

What do you mean Go Select pack don't have Sports as in the BOX itself or Starhub Go App.
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