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Oh, the CSO told me Go Select pack is just sports but when I check later, it's not sports but more.

The confusing part is Starhub never provide TV channels list for each pack. That confuses people which channels belong to which pack.

My SIM card is old, you're right; forgot when I last changed it .
No need to always depend on CSO, you can help yourself by findling the relevant info you need

The list of channels for Starhub Go Family pack is at this link:

If you take a look at the above Starhub Go Family pack channel list, there's both linear channels + some catch up (VOD type) channels.

If you have both Starhub Go Family pack + Go Select pack together -- then any extra channel(s) you have that's not included in the above list -- will be from the Go Select pack.

Hope the above helps.
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