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Oh, the CSO told me Go Select pack is just sports but when I check later, it's not sports but more.

The confusing part is Starhub never provide TV channels list for each pack. That confuses people which channels belong to which pack.

My SIM card is old, you're right; forgot when I last changed it .

By listing all the packs which are categorize into different grouping where there would not be any clash in the selection.

1. Actually the Go Select pack is the TV Series with all TV series, TVB dramas, K-dramas, HBO Original and more.
As TV series do have episodes selection to watch.

The best part is if you are watching half-way you can stop and next time to watch it will continue where you have stop, as it have auto bookmarked where you last stop watching.
This apply to all where there is no schedule on the timing in live TV channels.

2. The Go Family Pack is all multi-languages Entertainment channels, Lifestyle, News & Kids, etc.

3. Go Sports is all Sports channels available in the Starhub Go Channels on Live TV.

4. Minority packs are the Go Disney and Eeva Learning Channel.

5. Movie Content Providers channels are HBO GO and FOX+ which would be related to TV services channels.

6. Finally the Movies have either individual Catch-Play or Catch-Play Unlimited pack.

The other part of Starhub Go channels are for related to TV service channels.

Hence Starhub Go do have dual role for both Go and TV services, separately.

Suggest you to get the SIM card replace either while recontract or visit selected shops with CSO to avoid this APN settings.
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