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I have a 4k tv, but if I go 4k on the PS4 pro, the FPS will drop to 30 if Iím not wrong.
If the pro needs to output in 4k resolution, often games with good graphics can have difficulties keeping up, so they have some techniques (like checkerboarding, dynamic resolution). Usually newer games (released after pro was out) have different modes for you to choose -- you want better graphics but lower fps (like 30), or you want higher fps (like 60) but graphics slightly lowered, etc. So you can ask the game to prioritise on fps.

Also, you can change the ps4 video output setting, change it to 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p if you want, instead of automatic (hdmi detects the 4k tv that you have). So the games will assume your tv is 1080p and render for that (thus giving you higher fps), and let your tv do the upscaling.
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