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I got tricked into buying those boxes once and I'll never repeat that mistake. These boxes can go down anytime, if the person is unlucky, it may just stop working the next day.

I originally wanted to get an Android box and subscribe to Viu and Netflix but after seeing Starhub's offer, I decided to try it. Besides, $199 is quite a good deal considering I don't have to worry about whether it'll close down or not.
You got tricked into buying box from conman.

There are many conman selling tv boxes. They operate in this way: get cheap $30 boxes, install some free software download from internet, then sell them at $100-$200. Some even print a logo on the box, of course they pass the cost to you.

If you buy the same box with only android os at $30 and install apps yourself, it won't "just stop working at the next day".

Actually there is nothing special about android box, you can view it as an android phone, or android tablet, except that it has no screen, and have to use your tv to see the picture.
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