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hi guys, just for discussion sake.

Objective: Take out maximum CPF OA (for whatever reasons)

Situation: To take over mom's flat. My SA met the current FRS. OA = $380k. My mom's RA met the Retirement Sum for her cohort. She used her OA to pay loan for flat. Current OA+accr interest is $100k. She sells flat to me for $350k.

Now, for me, i can fully pay the flat using my OA, as for her, she can get $350k in cash (correct me if i'm wrong). Assuming she doesn't keep a single cent, theoretically she can return the $350k to me and by doing so, I have "taken out" my CPF OA.

Does it work this way?
You born in 98?? How u accumulate so much oa? I think u need to be 35 to take over the hdb ba.
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