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this type of thinking where quantity (game length) over quality is something i cannot abide or agree with...

it's like saying 'might as well use $30 to buy 6 big macs since there's alot of meat than a single piece of premium sirloin'.

Not saying DQ is bad game as compared to spider-man but both games are apple and oranges. If you want to make recommendations based on your preference of the nature of the game itself (JRPG vs open world actionadventure), then it's completely valid. But you are want to make recommendation because one game is longer than another, then that's a complete moot opinion.

Is The Lord of The Rings extended edition a better movie than the godfather as it's longer as a movie, thus more 'movie' for your buck?

Art (including games, movies and music and books) should not be judged based on their quantity (length).
I use the 30 dollars to go for meat buffet instead of buying 6 big Mac.

I understand what you saying bro. i'm not making recommendations.. just say what I will do if given that scenario.

if both genre I like, I have to use other factors such as price, game length to be the tie winner.

for me no rush in getting spider-man. I will get it eventually just not now. im waiting for all the dlcs to be released and the goty/definitive/ complete/compilation edition to be released then buy.

i'm glad I didn't buy shadow of war during release.. now the definitive edition with all the dlcs are gonna be releasing in 1/2 months time with a cheaper price

short game also got advantages, quickly complete and plat and sell the game and get most of your money back to fund for other games.

Lord of the rings extended trilogy is better movie than Godfather not because of the length, its because Godfather is a snooze fest to me.
bottom line.

if you are impatient just buy on day of release. if can wait, like me loh wait a year later then buy the complete package.

each to his own.

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