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Hi Bro,

Its not normal to have such experience. Since I didn't get to see your frame and the fitting on your face, I'll just list a couple of reasons that may have attributed to your experience:
  • Your spectacles might have slide down quite abit
  • Inappropriate corridor length for your frame height
  • Incorrect choice of lens design
  • Insufficient Reading addition
  • incorrect inset

I'ld suggest you visit your shop again to have this fixed. If they aren't able to do it, maybe seek a 2nd opinion elsewhere.

i actually needed my first progressive lens and it is just in one eye.

i chose varilex x from essilor.

Far vision is good however intermediate vision is blurry (while using laptop/pc) while near vision i will have to tilt my head upward quite alot (while using hp) and really tried hard to look at the most bottom part which seems to be a awkward and unnatural position. the vision is also narrow.

is this normal or is there any shop expert in troubleshooting this? really have problem to work. even looking at hp seems difficult.
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