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Hi Bro,

Its not normal to have such experience. Since I didn't get to see your frame and the fitting on your face, I'll just list a couple of reasons that may have attributed to your experience:
  • Your spectacles might have slide down quite abit
  • Inappropriate corridor length for your frame height
  • Incorrect choice of lens design
  • Insufficient Reading addition
  • Excessive/insufficient Prism thinning

I'ld suggest you visit your shop again to have this fixed. If they aren't able to do it, maybe seek a 2nd opinion elsewhere.
thanks for the advice. that was also my doubt. as i read online, seems that ppl using progressive lens should not have such a difficult life. and I suppose the lens i chose are already the best model from that brand.

but because it is my first pair and slightly diff is only 1 eye? so was thinking could it be my own "learning" to read using progressive lens issue.

i actually did went back to the shop and he tried to do a measure again by looking at my eye (i thinking finding the center?) and said it was correct. tried adjusting the position but still same issue. he advise me to try a few days at my office looking at my pc at diff distance and if still cannot then go back to him.

meantime i use a reading glasses for the distance from my laptop.

was just thinking if worse case he still cannot fix, is there any professional trained personnel or shop with special machine that i can go to?
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