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TBH i would use the $30 for 5 plates of boneless chicken rice from the stall below my office that can last me 5 days, but thats just me.

Anyway, the game's max length doesn't mean that much if you don't have the interest to finish it. Say a game has max length of 100 hrs. What if you play 15 hrs sian alrdy? Then the game is shelved for who knows how long. Then effectively the game is only worth 15 hrs (or much less, considering it didn't interest you enough to finish it therefore it can be seen as a waste of time starting to play it in the first place).

This can easily be the case for most rpgs, so the max length doesn't really mean much to me. As long as it has 10 hrs at least its worth enough, its about the same rate as movie tickets already. Extreme cases like the order 1886 for example i would definitely not buy on day 1.

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