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i think will be coming to this thread less and less...

i am a super kiasi person, In the past, i only chased FD interest rate....after so many years, i began to realise FD savers are actually paid peanuts and i really stupid to settle for these low rates for so many years...

while FD is safe, there are also instruments out there which are not super risky but which pay higher rates. recently i have opted in as a accredited investor and began investing in higher yielding instruments...

for accredited investors:
1. wholesale bonds (250K)...can invest in HDB, Temasek etc quasi govt bonds...recent HDB series already 2.625% for 7 years. Some people may disagree but i think HDB is in fact safer than a typical bank. There are also mapletree series, ascendas series. all these are either temasek or JTC owned. so bloody safe if u ask me...
2. bond express (can invest as low as $5000 per lot)...about 20 bonds to choose from depending on risk appetite. in any case, if bonds tank, only lose $5K nia. can use it to create a bond portfolio.

for non accredited investors: (those with less than 250K to save)

Singapore Savings Bond...the go to best choice. to me its a hybrid - bond yields and yet operate like a savings acc. do not waste time with FD.

after i am all done with my reallocation, i figured i would nearly double my passive income and with not a very significant increase in risk...sweet!
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