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For those of you non-U.S. persons buying (or interested in buying) the popular Blackrock iShares global developed markets stock index fund IWDA, domiciled in Ireland and traded in London, have you looked at Lyxor's equivalent fund LCWD, also quoted/listed in U.S. dollars? LCWD (and its British pound currency sibling LCWL) debuted in February, 2018. LCWD/LCWL is domiciled in Luxembourg which appears to offer the same tax characteristics as Ireland. It's also traded in London, also tracks the same MSCI index, also accumulating, but its major appeal is that it has a much lower 0.12% total expense ratio versus IWDA's 0.20%.

How's the bid-ask spread and trading volume looking? Could LCWD or LCWL offer some better value than IWDA?
I asked this a while ago on Shiny's thread.

No idea about the trade volume. But do Luxembourg and Ireland really have similar tax characteristics?
- suggests that they levy 15% DWT to Singaporeans.
- Not sure how to interpret , whether there are capital gains or investment income taxes for us..
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