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Looking at the recent low price of SG stocks, have I made a mistake of having 90k in my CPF at 26 years old instead of investing in stocks?
If $60K of that is in your MA and/or SA, you're earning 5% on that money. What's not to like about that?

If the Singapore stock market is now looking "low" to you -- and how do we really know? -- then OK, direct some savings flow into ES3 if you want.

1) I have recently sold some US stocks USD70K in TD Ameritrade and like to buy US ETFs on this platform.
- Do you have any recommendations on their ETFs please?
Are you a U.S. person?

Let's assume you are not. TD Ameritrade doesn't offer any access to non-U.S. markets, and that's a problem since any of the stock funds you could buy in the U.S. markets will be subject to 30% dividend tax withholding rather than the more favorable rate available in other jurisdictions. So you'd probably want a fund that pays low or zero taxable dividends. Bond funds fit that profile, as one example.

Odd question, though. What's your goal?
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