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Any Aftershock MX-17 users here?

so i recently purchased this mx-17 pro from aftershock and so far i really am impressed on how it performs.

a few tweaks with throttlestop(which i highly recommend that you do) and my boost has become consistent and the cpu temps have improved a lot from hitting 97c to barely hitting 85c on cinebench upon reducing the voltage on both core and cache, heck my score even improved.

now on the part that confuses me, upon flipping the unit over to check the bottom i noticed that the part where the vent for the CPU intake should be is not present. groves are present but they are not vent slits like one would expect. i can clearly see the intake vent for the GPU but for the CPU? nadda!

the question is, are all mx-17 pro bottom case built like this? i rang aftershock and was told that is it "by design" which is kinda hard to believe, why would they choke the CPU intake fan "by design"? is this a batch of bottom cases that were manufactured incorrectly?

i imagined that if the vents were there, the cou temps will greatly improve.

anyone here who uses an mx-17 series care to share their finding on their bottom cases? thanks!!

here is where i would expect the intake vent should be, it lines up with the fan inside the unit
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