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this type of thinking where quantity (game length) over quality is something i cannot abide or agree with...

it's like saying 'might as well use $30 to buy 6 big macs since there's alot of meat than a single piece of premium sirloin'.

Not saying DQ is bad game as compared to spider-man but both games are apple and oranges. If you want to make recommendations based on your preference of the nature of the game itself (JRPG vs open world actionadventure), then it's completely valid. But you are want to make recommendation because one game is longer than another, then that's a complete moot opinion.

Is The Lord of The Rings extended edition a better movie than the godfather as it's longer as a movie, thus more 'movie' for your buck?

Art (including games, movies and music and books) should not be judged based on their quantity (length).

your argument is valid if we are comparing which game is better but not relevant in our discussion because we are not saying which game is better, but which game we would buy and enjoy more.

nobody here is a cliche gamer who only enjoys one genre so theres zero point in raising that here. everyone here play games regardless if it's rpg, fps or rts.

we all know that spiderman is good too but like i mentioned, it's shorter than ideal and since both dq and spiderman came out together, i would have bought dq if i knew spiderman was so short. esp since spiderman alr has a dlc that is half it's price...

not to mention that lotr trilogy sucks compared to godfather
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