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Hi SibehEng,
I saw your first post earlier and it said progressive lens on one eye only? So the other side is a single vision lens?

Ok, from what you have mentioned, various factors which user Eyezone Optical already mentioned.

1.Frame fitting should be fine since you went back to the shop - however, that being said, the time when he took the measurements and the measurements obtained when you went back to the shop might be different. Dotting/measuring of the height is important.
2.For progressives, the person who dispensed the frame and advised on what lenses to use should educate you on the pros and cons of progressives. Judging by what you have mentioned, he might have not done a good job or you might have forgotten. Intermediate area (computer/laptop distances) clarity usually isn't as good in a progressive compared to an office lens/single vision lens.
office lens gives you wider range of clear vision, single vision only one certain distance with not much room if range is adjusted.
3. if by looking at the most bottom part of the lens and the words are clear, it wouldn't be a problem with the addition and it would be more of the lens design not the addition.

hope your optician/optometrist can solve the problem for you soon because you are right... progressive lenses are supposed to make your life easier, not what you are experiencing right now
yup, the other side is single vision. I actually used a progressive lens due to cataract ops.. i had expected the IV or even FV or NV to not match single vision but was quite shocked that currently the IV seems to be blurry to the point that i cannot read words on computer.

the NV when i force my eyeball glance to most bottom area then i manage to find a point that seems to be clear. but the area is extremely small like maybe just 1 or 2 lines of whatsapp..

really hope would be able to troubleshoot to at least let me see properly..
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