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Torrent stream might be a grey area
I host, but i dont think i host the complete show when streaming. Heck, I dont even know if i am hosting. From my perspective is just a stream like Youtube. There is an option to download, but I dont download. If the streamers all take down their video, then i cant access. I am not holding a copy. I am not liable

If you download and keep, yes. Potential and most prob you are infringing. But so far have been civil suits for the downloaders. ODEX and Dallas Buyers Club (who the fuxx wants to see such a show anyway). These cases are counting on the fact that you keep a copy that you didnt buy = piracy.

Those decoders that decode Singtel and Starhub are plain stealing

In singapore context, it is not illegal to keep a few downloaded videos for own use, but it is illegal to host the video for distribution or keep a large number of downloaded videos.

Using torrent to stream or download video is the same as hosting the video for illegal distributions.

Our government doesn't actively enforce it, but if the content providers complain, they will act on it.
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