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Your opinion on dispute with retailer at Sim Lim Square

Hello all,
I am a tourist to your lovely city state and enjoy eating local food and shopping here once a year

Last year, I bought a bunch of items from a retailer at Sim Lim Square, level 5. The total value was around $1000. One of the items was a car video recorder, of value $45. I had no problems with 95% of the purchase....but when I returned to my home country and plugged the car video recorder into my car, there were lines on the LCD screen and it seems it was defective at the time of sale.

5 days after returning to my home country (or 11 days after the date of the sale), I complained to the retailer via email.

I stated in my email to them:
I am the tourist who purchased one portable car recorder from you on (date), (model number)

On trying the recorder in my car, the LCD screen of the recorder has lines
on it.

I am out of Singapore now. Please advise how we can resolve this problem.
They replied, stating (I quote in verbatim):
Respected Sir/Madam

*Kindly send the snapshot of the lines, so we can send it to our vendor,.
Once you are back to Singapore, we will exchange it for you

Thanks & Regards
Sales & Admin
No mention was made in their email about deadlines or timeframes. When I returned to their shop just under a year later, they at first exchanged the recorder with what appeared to be a used, defective one (the replacement car recorder's screen had scratches on it, and on the box was written "X LCD") and after that they refused to exchange it or offer a refund.

I have escalated the matter to the STB, who referred the matter to CASE.

What do you guys think about this case? The sum of money involved is small but I am cheesed off by people who do not honour their (written!) agreement and also who tried to deceive me by replacing a defective product with another product they seemed to know was defective.

The 1 year deadline for filing a Small Claims Court case is also within a few days, so I would appreciate it if you advised me whether I should file one now before the deadline lapses, or if there is flexibility in the 1 year deadline because the matter is currently under mediation between the retailer/CASE/myself.

Thank you for any advice
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