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Hi bros, if I did not pass my ippt within my ippt window and I have to go for 15 ipt sessions.

My qns is if I pass my ipt ippt within the 15 ipt sessions,

Do I still need to complete all 15 of them?

Can I still get the incentive reward?

Thank you.
a little correction to your post-

u can attempt "non-ICT IPPT" anytime during your window (unless if you are already under RT). this is because "IPT-IPPT" only applies to the first and last session of IPT, which is 1st and 15th in your case (by right is 1st and 20th session).

so during your IPPT, if u met the requirements for "Pass with incentives", u will be given the award accordingly based on pass w incentives, silver or gold.

after your passing of IPPT, u no longer need to complete any remaining IPT sessions.
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