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Anyway, did some listening to break-in. Definitely the clarity is much better, also good soundstage ( which is configurable ). Also used the provided Comply foam tips, and since it has a wax guard, so it can reduce the high freq shrill.

Since I listen my mp3s using Poweramp, fortunately it has the bass/treble settings. For X2T, the bass I only need to tune to ard 10 o'clock, while for E8, need to go up to 12 o'clock. X2T has more sub-bass while E8 is the more punchy kind.

BT connection is much better, compared to X2T ( which is prone to skipping, which also happened more recently, that's why I think it was failing ). Didn't skip yet on E8. The only odd thing is for E8, when I turned on, it didn't auto-connect on my Xiaomi, whereas all my other BT audio devices ( including X2T ) can. So now, abit lehcheh to also go to BT settings to manually connect....

Build-quality is overall sturdy and well-built, and I kinda like the small leather charging case.

Overall, if asking me to spend $380-$400 in it's RRP, I'll be hesitant to buy it. But since getting it at $268, a more fair price for it. PS, the HK store in qoo10 link is legit. Able to use the Beoplay app, upgrade firmware and see the serial number in it, so I assume it's legit.
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