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"Vanguard" and "Fidelity" don't really tell me much. Both of those firms can provide practically any/every security. Both are full service brokers. You'll likely have something like "Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares," to pick a random example -- some specific fund. The 3 to 5 letter trading symbols would be helpful if you'd like me to evaluate what you're holding.
Here you go:


from Fidelity. I can't seem to be able to login to my Vanguard account for now.

Specific, as well as overall advice would be appreciated. I am not a US citizen or greencard holder, not Singaporean citizen or PR either, although child here in SG is a US citizen and this may very well be a source of funds that supplement Univ 15 years from now, or a bequest. Nothing otherwise for me to go back to the US to, in terms of property or family (ex-wife's back in the US, with fully severed financial or family ties), and I only retain financial assets such as a bank account, CDs, and those mutual funds mentioned above. No 401(k) or IRA.


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