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However, you can also get 1% interest rate at CIMB Fastsaver.
Not exactly. FastSaver pays 1% only on balances ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. On the portion of the balance above $50,000 it’s 0.6%. If the balance falls below $1,000 it’s 0%.

StarSaver flattens the interest rate to 0.8% level, minimum $1,000 balance.

But none of that really matters, because the money market fund at POEMS isn’t for that. It’s exactly what it’s advertised to be: a place to park short-term money that’s awaiting investment into something else. An ordinary consumer bank account is designed to support day-to-day spending. They’re both highly liquid places to store short-term money, but they serve different purposes.

....So, I’ll repeat the question I asked all the way at the beginning: what is Golden_Fox trying to accomplish?

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