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I'm just simply looking for a method that fulfil these 3
1) earn higher returns (as compared to banks)
That's not too hard.

2) less risky and requires less knowledge and monitoring (as compared to stocks)
Individual stocks do require significant knowledge and monitoring. Appropriate stock funds do not. VWRD or IWDA, which are global stock index funds, are really simple, as examples.

3) less complex and more liquidity (as compared to Unit Trust, Endowement and whatever so-called saving plans that insurance companies are selling)
I'm not sure why liquidity is a requirement. Why is it? But, that said, most unit trusts are liquid because you can redeem them any business day and get the proceeds within a couple days. Many insurance products are highly liquid. They often have defined surrender values. So I'm really not sure what you mean here. Could you clarify?

What do you want to do with this money? Use it for a wedding party 2 years from now? Or use it for retirement 30 years from now? What's your life objective?
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