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Happened to my Samsung too. So I did the other way around. Try doing this, turn on the phone Bluetooth first. Remove the earbuds from the case and press the right earbud once, it will auto connect to the phone if it's already paired. Pressed one more time and it will automatically resume playback last song if your music player is currently open or running at the background. Not sure for Xiaomi but it worked flawlessly with my Samsung.
Able to solve it after googling around. Just need to reset the E8, and repair again. Now works perfectly and auto-connect after turn on.

One wishlist is to be able to turn off the E8 instead of putting in the case for that, coz I dun bring the case to my office, so after the morning commute, even if I leave it there, still need ~15 mins of inactivity, and sometimes any whatsapp msg etc will reset the timer....
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