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I also kena this yesterday. So far today they havent harrass me yet. Did they stop harrassing you after you told them that? Or the harrassing will come again? Because i know i settle whatever they lend me. And they suddenly mention this 3000dllrs to closed the account i had with them. So from then on i decided not to transfer them anymore money. And after that, all the threats starts. Sending me videos of people splashing paints at houses. Burn their doors and stuff. Anyone with similar case and eventually stop them from harrassing? My mom is worried at home.
Bro,the harassing will stop eventually one. Is because they trying to scare you into paying them more money. So if you pay now 3k. Sooner or later they will give you all those b.s say you still owe them money one. If you pay them, you only funding them to hire more runners to come up and harress you. So don't

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