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Hi all, i'm new here and my case is quite recent. Have been following this thread for the past couple of days and would like to share my story.

I was caught up in a finiancial hiccup last week and was looking for ways to get money. I came across an ad on the internet offering 10K loan with 12 months of 1k payable. This piqued my interest and I enquired with the following person (Andy).

At the start, I thought it was licensed because they have sent me a photo with their company name and reg. No. So they ask for the usual details and checks and stuff. Told me to wait for approval.

Fast forward 24hrs, they told me it was approved but need take small loan first to see if I will pay on time (all the b.s) blah blah etc etc. I told them then it's ok, nevermind. Because I needed a huge amount, not peanuts.

Next reply I got was actually a transaction confirmation of 400 Defer 400 Clear 800. WITHIN 7 DAYS
It was without my knowledge and consent. Meaning I was FORCED to take this loan.

Being very amicable, and wanting to avoid stupid troubles. I went and found 800 the very next day. Asked to clear, tell me cock and bull story only can clear after 3 days.

3days later, I asked for acct. Another cock and bull story say because I didn't inform him a day in advance, only can defer. I got real angry and said: "You want money, you give me acct now. Don't give no money" So he gave me an acct and I cleared the full 800.

Yesterday, called me and say not cleared because I didn't put some kind of code. When I cash deposit to him. (CARDLESS DEPOSIT, ONLY ASK FOR NRIC AND NUMBER, ATM HOW TO PUT CODE)

So I got very triggered, I said, to my knowledge. I have already paid, if you really think I havent pay. You are more than welcome to come find me. I will not accept another cent from you (tried to get me to take a 1200 loan) nor pay another single cent (ask me clear pay another 850).

Going to make a report today, CCTV and mentally preparing myself for all the spams.

Morale of the story is, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THEM. Theres a saying "我们在明,他们在暗" which translates to "We are in the open while they hide in the Shadows".


If they still try to extort money from you even you paid more than the amount you originally borrowed or FORCED.

Simply say this: "Want money? Have, you come XXX coffeeshop. I pass you in person"

They won't come one.
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