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Hi, i bought digi live @RM8 at tesco KSL yesterday night. The guy has registered it for me and asked me to wait for 1 hour to use, then i went back to sg. But now when i tried to use it, it said i need to register it at nearest digi centre.

May I know whether this is normal? How long should i wait? Thanks.
I didn't get my digi from Tesco KSL. I just passed by and enquired about the price.

I figured you have to use Digi signal. Either try it at Woodlands or Kranji MRT as suggested by boonkang and habrosus.

Can also try Woodlands jetty (postal code 757446), or HDB block nearby (postal code 730215), or areas around there.

The last time I visit there -- Woodlands jetty -- I can get Maxis, Celcom & Digi signals on my phone.
According to that Community link I gave earlier, the line can only be activated using their local network...

If you really want to do it, can try somewhere near the causeway if you're not going over yet. I've tried places like the Kopitiam in Kranji MRT Station, but can't remember which networks, though.
Another option MRT Tuas Link near to 2nd link.
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