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Digi prepaid mobile data plans have 2 types:
(a) Buy 1 time only -- no auto renewal.
(b) Subscription based -- auto renewal type.

(a) Digi prepaid 1 time only mobile data plans:

(b) Digi prepaid subscription based (auto renewal type) mobile data plans:

Type (b) can have 7days or 30days auto renewal mobile data plans.

Can explain to me why sometimes when I re-load RM10 when my SIM is inactive ( within 75 days ), it will auto use up the RM10? I think it auto sub to some 7 days sub.. how come ah?
You may have accidentally subscribed to one of the type (b) auto renewal mobile data plans.

If you accidentially opt for any type (b) data plans -- money is automatically deducted from your Digi prepaid balance every 7days or 30days -- to buy the subscribed mobile data plan.

If there's insufficient balance in your Digi prepaid, the auto renewal will be suspended -- but NOT cancelled.

Once you top up your Digi prepaid & there's now sufficient balance -- money will be the automatically deducted to renew the subscribed mobile data plan.

Login to the Digi app to check whether you have subscribed to any of the type (b) mobile data plan -- and if yes, unsubscribe.

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