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Hi i am new here.been reading the threads since last week but only manage to sum up courage to write now.

Same case like most here.i cleared al by forcing the i know came up 2 days later and throw paint at my husband was around at that time and managed to so call stop him to cause further damage to my door.unfortunately husband cnt give a chase cos the runner locked the gate.

so i decide to run my other AL loans since this one came up nasty though i cleared the whats the point?clear also want to come and harrass me?

my husband is very stressed and feeling unsettled.just received one love note ard 8.30pm from one of the AL.didnt even bother to knock, just happily paste outside my door.

my only concern are the kids safety.i really pity them and felt bad of a bad mother and becos of me, i feel that im making them pay for my mistake. 😭😭😭
Since your door kana liao. All dont pay liao. Run 1 also die, run 10 also die. Keep the money for your family better. Or u want to feed their family, u can choose. But do remember, this is Singapore.
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