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Been a Apple user since beginning.

When i bought 7+ at 1488, i already felt a tinge of discomfort because it's even more expensive than my macbook air.

X came out, $1888, felt that it's crazy so I give it a skip. Saw pple say apple too ex and may reduce price, so wait 1 more year.

Now XS Max $2349, almost 1k more than my 7+, felt it's way too much. Not that I can't afford, just felt a phone that will be absolete in 2 yrs should not cost this much.

I don't want to chase this anymore. I'd reserve the budget for my next rolex.
wiser to reserve budget for your rolex.
More people leave Apple also good la, let the masses carry xiaomi huawei Samsung.

Only a niche grp carrying iPhones.

Like on the roads. The masses driving Japanese sedans. Only a niche grp driving 5 series.

If everyone driving 5 series where is the fun in that.

Moral of the story. Gotta pay to play.
but an iPhone or the experience is not a 5 Series or 3 Series.

perhaps a Vertu which has smartphone features will be, an iPhone is not.....
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