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... did they auto activate the SIM card for us once we make the purchase ?
There's a possibility that the Tesco staff activated the SIM card after he's done the registration.

I'd say most of the time, the SOP is to register and activate before completing the transaction, but there may be a very small number of dealers somewhere who leave it to users to do the activation themselves. Not completing the steps is an exception rather than the norm.

Hi, i bought digi live @RM8 at tesco KSL yesterday night. The guy has registered it for me and asked me to wait for 1 hour to use, then i went back to sg. But now when i tried to use it, it said i need to register it at nearest digi centre.

May I know whether this is normal? How long should i wait? Thanks.
This is the Digi Community Forum where there are Digi staff to help to check. You can either register an account with an email address (since your line isn't working yet for you to receive OTP, you can't use your Digi number), or contact their customer service to check if the number has indeed been registered.

Can explain to me why sometimes when I re-load RM10 when my SIM is inactive ( within 75 days ), it will auto use up the RM10? I think it auto sub to some 7 days sub.. how come ah?
You might have subscribed to an auto-renewal data(?) package in the past, that somehow failed to renew (maybe due to lack of credit?), and normally the renewal will happen once you top up.

I'd suggest going to your Digi app to check the status of your card.

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