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If u want her to return ur cpf money, u need to then return her the house (legally, that is with a deed) or something of equivalent value.
It cannot be the home, because the sale of the home back to her would result in the OA funds (plus any accrued interest) flowing right back into CPF custody. Which would be an expensive bit of "entertainment" involving two sets of transaction costs.

It probably cannot be something of equivalent value, because that'd be the asset tapped for this dire-but-not-so-dire emergency, whatever it is. (OA funds can be tapped for dire medically-related emergencies, education, housing, certain insurance, CPFIS investing, and some types of transfers between CPF members -- and correspondingly reduce the dollars that would otherwise be used for any of those purposes. And withdrawn at age 55+. They're certainly not useless dollars.)

So u did not take out your cpf money this way. U took away her house AND money.
Not a great deal for the mother!
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