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Have to depend on your individual plans & needs.

I do not have any CIS/discounts etc with any telcos.

In my case, I’m using Circles.Life base plan $28/month. Bought phone from Carousell BNIB - from people who recontract.

Calculated before and I do get some savings compared to signing a plan to get phone with telco.
Yeah it certainly vary by individual. best is still do your own calculations and see what makes sense for you.

Yeah! The best case would be CIS or multi-line discount.

Typically, telcos offer rewards system or potential recontract vouchers. Hence it might not be true that SIM-only plan offer the most value for money.
oh yeah good point on the re-contract voucher bro. With that factored in, it will bring my cost per month down to $95 LOL. but im sure once I get my own house with my own internet/spouse phone line the voucher they offer will also be greater. i stress really must do your own calculations please.

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