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Went on Sat to CH Tee.

I miscalculated my journey I thought I will be safe reaching the causeway at 730am... in the end only reach CH Tee around 1030am. Sigh.

The lady dentist is nice. I have 2 problems, 1 is a cracked tooth and 1 is pain in another tooth. She said she has to solve the pain problem before attempting the cracked tooth problem (though cynical me may think she prefer more visits for money?)

The pain tooth, she say she will clean and fill it up for me instead of going to root canal operations, ask me visit again 2 weeks later. If the pain stops, then there is no need for root canal. If the pain persists, then she will go to next step then.
This is why I though at least she tries other ways before going for the big operation (which is more costly)

sigh. after this pain solve, the cracked one probably crowning, which is going to be expensive also
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